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There’s a novel, poetry collections, entertainments and audio stuff here. What a plethora of lovely choice. All prices include free postage to the UK. (Elsewhere, drop me an e-mail and I’ll work out a different price just for you.) For my children’s books click here.

Audio Entertainment

Over on Bandcamp you can listen to an entire album of poetry and poetry-ish stuff (called, obviously, Cats Are Better Than Fish).

It’s free to listen and cheap to buy, just follow the link and browse with your ears.

There’s also an album of instrumental music-ish stuff (called Close Your Eyes And It Glows In The Dark) there as well. It’s all on the same page, you can’t miss it.


The Point of Inconvenience (2013) – c.80pp – £9.00 inc postage

POI cover‘Profoundly moving, utterly uncompromising, the poems in this sequence are alive to the absurdities and contradictions that underwrite human tragedies. A.F. Harrold’s work is sensitive to the “mind’s ear” as well as the mind’s eye.’ – Helen Mort

‘A.F. Harrold is an immensely witty and inventive writer. The Point of Inconvenience beguiles and moves with its emotional poignancy, surprises and range. I love the fullness of its lived experience. – David Caddy

Harold – from ‘The Life And Songs Of Harold’ (2012) – 70pp – £7.50  inc postage

This collection is a narrative sequence all the from Harold’s birth right up to Harold’s death. Poems, vignettes, moments, passing and slight. His is a life of quiet disappointment, of small embarrassments and of subtle failure. There is tragedy, but of the usual sort. Very little is exceptional. Harold is the sort of chap you might know or be, nothing out of the ordinary. And yet this is a love story, a story of how it can all go right. And I wrote it.

The Education Of Epitome Quirkstandard (2010) – 353pp – £11 inc postage
Available to buy on the Kindle, at c.£3.60. (Also works on computers and smartphones.)

The Education of Epitome Quirkstandard is weird and wonderful – a 21st century take on Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy. Only someone as eccentric as Mr Harrold would plunder the 18th Century novel and come up with something so funny. It’s either going to be a cult book or forgotten – hopefully the former.’Brian Patten


Flood (2010) – 66pp – £8 inc postage

The poems in this collection wear their scholarship lightly, often with a formal dexterity that is deeply satisfying. A.F. Harrold doesn’t censor his extraordinary and generous imagination; he enters the territory between this world and whatever comes after it, writing so clearly and tenderly about death, memory and love that I felt both bruised and stroked.’ – Catherine Smith


The Man Who Spent Years In The Bath (2008) – 68pp – £7 inc postage
Available for the Kindle (with six extra poems, but no illustrations), at c.£2. (Also works on computers and smartphones.)

A book of entertainments: poems and prose and pictures.

George Eliot dancing a fandango, a vooyage to Trousers Island, an analysis of the etymology of jammy dodgers – this volume has everything one has come to expect from the canyons of A.F. Harrold’s extraordinary imagination. Except yaks. There are no yaks. Which is curious.’ – Elvis McGonagall

Logic And The Heart (2004) – 70pp – £8

Written with all the metrical energy and wit familiar to audiences of A.F. Harrold’s work as a performance poet, these sensuous love poems speak also with an impressive delicacy and resonance. Inhabiting that threshold world between the material and the dream, thought and feeling, logic and the heart, he charts with true musicality love’s loss and gain, its twilight territory ‘in the silence between breathing’.’ – Jane Draycott

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  1. tez granger says:

    Hi, I was listening to you at the Chelt Lit Fest on radio 4 -bloody great mate-and I was hoping to find a CD I could buy to send to a blind mate of mine in Ireland. Do you do CDs? I’d happily send you a tenner for a CD that included the one you recited, Keep on keeping on , cheers Tez

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