At various times and in various places, often in dubious lighting, people in audiences have filmed things that A.F. Harrold has said and done on stage. Sometimes they upload them to YouTube, sometimes they don't. Here are the ones that were let lose in the wild.

(Some of them were filmed under more controlled circumstances, with the knowledge and cooperation of the poet. You'll know which ones those ones are because you're not dumb.)

Not everything below is free from swearing. For a comprehensive selection of classroom and family-friendly poems performed for children click here.

The Cats Are Better Than Fish on the right was filmed by Poet In The City, the one on the left by John Paul O'Neil at the Poetry Cafe.

Some of the following videos, the ones with the round gold logo in the bottom left are from a brilliant Salford poetry event called Evidently.

Some of these were filmed at Blahblahblah at the Bristol Old Vic. Some in the darkness of the Slak Bar in Cheltenham.

The entirely unnecessary Bonzo Dog Band/Prince thing below was performed during a guest spot at Porky the Poet's Edinburgh show in 2012.

These were filmed in Petersfield on two different occasions at Write Angle.

Douglas is no longer a part of the family. He failed to move for a car, either. But this was when he was new to the world and full of sleep.

This final video is from the 2003 Edinburgh show The Most Boring Man In England (And Other Love Songs), filmed and edited by Karen Stenner.